The five most healing animals became known.

Studies conducted by biologists from several countries have allowed us to look at animals from an unusual angle. Now it is known which animals are able to save people from diseases and indirectly confirm the reality of alternative medicine.

The five leaders among medicinal animals included bees, snakes, dogs, cats and horses. The experiments that were carried out in various fields revealed a certain "specialization" of one or another animal.

One of the most healing animals was dogs.

For example, horses are most effective as a means of recovery from severe injuries, injuries or as a therapeutic tool in the fight against diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, horses help to overcome drug addiction and alcoholism.

Cat owners have never doubted the healing abilities of cats, but scientists have confirmed feline abilities so much now.

The effectiveness of dogs was manifested mainly in the field of strengthening the cardiovascular system. It is also noted that dogs are able to diagnose tumors in their hosts at an early stage. They have also proven to be effective against depression and prolonged suppressed conditions. But cats are good as a means of harmonizing the psyche. In particular, they very well help to eliminate neurosis.

The horse has long been a companion of the warriors, but now it turned out that it really can contribute to the good health of the soul and body.

Snakes and bees have long had a reputation for healing animals - the first even managed to become an official symbol of medicine, despite the fact that it produces poison. Bees have become famous for the healing properties of their honey, which is used in medicine along with snake venom, which is included in many treatments for joints. In addition to honey and propolis, bees are still good as a remedy for radiculitis and dislocations.

Snake venom has long been included in official medicine.Bees not only give honey and propolis, but can also heal joints.

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