Healthy fruits and vegetables for dogs

Even in ancient times, when they were just starting to domesticate wild dogs, the ancestors didn’t really care how to feed them, since the dogs ate any human food - objects from the table, and even vegetables and fruits in general all that people at a common meal. I would like to know if vegetables and fruits are so useful and necessary for our modern dogs - beloved pets?

As the director of the American Kennel Club Liz Peterson notes, all dogs in most are carnivores eat meat. But before, dogs in humans existed in the role of scavengers, and at the same time, they felt good when they ate any vegetables and fruits. The director of American Kennel Club believes that the addition of fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables will help improve the skin condition of dogs and improve their health.

This means that fruits and vegetables are very, very useful for our beloved pets, because they have a lot of carbohydrates, pectins, they have a rich vitamin composition and trace elements, which are very necessary for excellent development.

What fruits and vegetables are required in a dog’s diet

Citrus fruits and grapes should not be present in the dog's diet - these fruits top the rating of fruits that cause an instant allergic reaction. For small puppies, it is preferable to give a grated carrot mixed with sunflower oil and homemade sour cream from the age of two months. Also, for dogs, berry or apple puree is suitable. Do not add sorrel to food, the stomach of pets digests it very poorly. To normalize digestion, you can make mashed potatoes from ripe fresh tomatoes, then the animal’s coat will look healthier, getting a characteristic pigmentation. Also, tomatoes have the properties of inhibiting plaque and tartar.

To prevent worms from starting up in your pet, add a little chopped garlic to the food or mix it in dry food. Garlic is especially useful in the autumn-winter period, then it will serve as an additional vitamin source for the dog. You can also give mashed potatoes from zucchini or pumpkin, but mashed potatoes are contraindicated. You can give raw potatoes and then in small doses. Also, animals can be given boiled cabbage and turnips, mixing them with meat. For puppies in the spring, fresh cucumbers, radishes and any greens will be very useful.

To avoid possible vitamin deficiency in your pets, especially in the spring or autumn, add only torn and scalded nettles to the food, as well as dandelion leaves. Green spinach, which contains many minerals useful for animals, vitamin A, calcium to preserve bones, riboflavin and iron, is also required in the dog’s diet. Spinach also helps to normalize the cardiovascular system.

Useful vegetables for dogs

So, we found out that the dog can eat almost any vegetables. However, it is worth taking a closer look which of the vegetables they like best, then they must be given to them in the majority. Only potatoes are served raw, while other vegetables are best served boiled or stewed. In addition to tomatoes, sweet bell pepper and seaweed, rich in minerals and iodine, are also suitable. At the same time, do not forget that for small puppies, starting from two months old, add vegetable puree in small portions to the daily diet, only 0.5 grams. Adult dogs can be given up to five grams of vegetables per day, but no more. As an immunostimulating agent, anti-infective and antihelminthic vegetables onion and garlic are suitable. And also, do not forget about herbs such as chamomile, celandine and calendula.

Healthy fruits for dogs

So, let’s remind once again about the required fruits, which you should try to add to the daily diet of your favorite pet. It should be reckoned with the taste of the dog, she will show you which fruit she likes best, but should not be abused as well. For example, berries should not be given to the dog whole, but only by removing all the bones. If the dog likes peach, apricot or sweet cherry, then, having cleared them of seeds, you can add to food.

Even pets in the same small amount can add dried fruits such as raisins and dried apricots. This is a great sweet for hunting and guard dogs, trained dogs. They still need mineral top dressing.


So that your dog is always healthy, watch her diet, give her only healthy and tasty foods. It may be that the dog has an allergy to a particular fruit, it can be inherited. Also, an allergy to a particular fruit or vegetable can occur in dogs of the same breed. At the first suspicion of an allergy, we advise you to have your dog examined by a veterinarian.Rememberthat each dog is different individual, however, any of them is contraindicated there are many exotic fruits - there is a high probability of an allergic reaction. And if you seriously take up the daily menu for your pet dog, then for her an excellent contribution to good health will be vitamins, which are so many in fruits and vegetables!

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