American bulldog

American Bulldog (Аmerican bulldog) - a breed of dog popular in many countries that has gained fame since the late nineteenth century. American Bulldogs are the closest, intact relatives of the old English Bulldog. The uniqueness of the breed is due to changing trends in the breeding of such dogs, their physical or structural characteristics, as well as their temperament or mental characteristics.

Breed history

Migrants to the territory of the New World often brought in bulldogs, which was explained by the desire to have a four-legged reliable defender next to them, able to share with their master any hardships and hardships of the Wild West. The colonists did not organize exhibitions or keep pedigree books, and the dogs themselves were raised exclusively with the necessary working qualities.

The first to pay attention to compact and powerful dogs were the collectors of fighting gladiator dogs and the organizers of dog fights, and the breed representatives themselves were called the "Old Village Bulldog". Based on studies, it was concluded that American bulldogs are descendants of Old English dogs that were introduced by immigrants to America during the reign of Elizabeth.

It was previously believed that American bulldogs (ambulances) are "jack of all trades" that can guard a house, guard or drive cattle, and also hunt and destroy wild dogs, which are a disaster for owners of birds and sheep breeders in the southern states. Some individuals showed themselves very well even in the pit rings, but this option for the use of these dogs was not welcomed by breeders, so it did not become widespread.

The Sure Grip kennel, whose owner Kil Simmens devoted to breeding and training American bulldogs for many years, was widely known among connoisseurs of high working breed qualities. All puppies of the kennel must undergo a test for temperament features. The champions raised in the kennel are distinguished by their external attractiveness and harmony, they are classic fighting dogs of the old type, possessing nobility and tangible power.

According to many experts and professional dog handlers, all modern ambulas owe their origin to the most ancient Molossians, originating in the Assyrian kingdom and Ancient Egypt.

Description of the American Bulldog

Possessing hot fighting blood, ambuli are devoted and good-natured family dogs that successfully combine large sizes and absolute fearlessness. Chunky dogs with an attentive look are highly valued for the qualities of a hunter, security guard and fighter, therefore, in the process of breeding, special attention was usually not paid to appearance. Today, all professional breeders are trying to combine the pedigree character in American Bulldogs and decent exterior data.

Appearance, dimensions

American Bulldogs are medium to or medium-sized dogs, strong, and proportionately and athletically built. The length of the dog's body is slightly higher than the height at the withers. Representatives of the breed have a large head, which has sufficient width and depth in the cranial region. The muzzle is wide and short. Ears of small size, triangular in shape, not cropped and hanging on the cartilage. The tail of the dog is quite long, reaching the hock joint area.

The type of constitution is quite strong, with the presence of elements of rudeness. Ambuli have a powerful and strong, very well-developed skeleton. Sexual dimorphism in representatives of the breed is well defined. Adult males are noticeably more massive and bony, as well as larger in size than bitches, which should not have weak bones or malformations.

Males are 58-68 cm tall (preferably between 63-65 cm), and females are 55-65 cm tall (preferably between 58-60 cm), weighing 45-60 kg and 35-50 kg, respectively .

Wool colors

American bulldogs have a predominantly white coat color. In the color of such dogs, some combinations are also allowed:

  • white color with a red color;
  • white color with red shades;
  • white color with tiger marks.

Red or tiger colored spots on the surface of the body can occupy about 90% of the animal’s hair. Red shades range from a tan to a tan or pure brown color. The ambulance is not allowed to have black-brown, pure black, red-black and marble colors.

Depending on the color of the coat, eye color varies from dark brown tones to light nut shades, but preference is given to a darker color scheme.

Breed standards

The standards of the American Bulldog breed (without working tests) were adopted at the Presidium of the SOKO RKF and fixed on 03/10/2011:

  • massive and large, proportional to the body head, deep in the skull area with a short muzzle;
  • wide and voluminous, roundish, with a rather high and slightly flattened forehead and a moderately pronounced tubercle skull;
  • well defined and deep stop;
  • large with open and wide nostrils, black or brown nose;
  • deep and short, broad at the very base, with moderate filling under the eyes and a clear transition of the muzzle, slightly tapering towards the nose;
  • wide and straight back of the nose;
  • pronounced interbrow furrow;
  • moderately pronounced superciliary arches;
  • moderately moist and dense, not saggy lips, preferably black pigment;
  • the jaws are quite wide, and the lower jaw has a massive and pronounced chin;
  • teeth are healthy and strong, with large and widely spaced fangs;
  • cheekbones well developed, with strong and dense muscles, rounded;
  • directly set, small and not convex, not very deep set, but widely set eyes with tight-fitting and not sagging eyelids;
  • ears set high, medium in size, triangular in shape with a rounded end;
  • a muscular and powerful neck with a well-defined scruff and an acceptable small suspension;
  • withers very pronounced;
  • the back is straight and strong, muscular and wide, with an elastic and slightly convex lower back;
  • the croup is wide and round, slightly sloping, with well-developed and rather massive muscles;
  • deep and wide chest, reaching the elbows, with a well-developed front part and pronounced forebrust;
  • moderately tightened in the groin area and a smooth bottom line with a moderately tightened, not saggy and not sharply selected belly;
  • the tail, thick in the base region, is set relatively low and has a smooth narrowing towards the end;
  • wide-set front limbs, parallel to each other and straight, with a good volume skeleton;
  • the shoulder blades have relief and massive muscles, obliquely directed;
  • broad shoulders have massive and prominent muscles;
  • elbows strictly directed back;
  • wide and steep forearms without curvature, with a massive skeleton and well-developed muscles, parallel to each other;
  • the wrists are strong and wide;
  • relatively short and strong, fairly voluminous metacarpus strong and straight;
  • paws strong and round, with short and compressed fingers, elastic and well-developed pads;
  • hind limbs well developed, powerful with strong and sculptured muscles, with moderately long and wide hips, strong and dry hock joints, muscular legs.

The movements of the representatives of the breed are powerful and springy, coordinated, with a characteristic gait in the form of a free and not creeping lynx. Moderately thick skin tightly stretched or form folds in the head and neck. The breed is not recognized by FCI.

Dog character

American bulldogs are an incredible combination of courage and vigilance with a lively mind, quick-wittedness and friendliness towards its owner and all family members. Such dogs amaze others with energy and mobility, but at the same time they are characterized by dominant behavior in relation to any other dogs and some distrust of strangers. Moreover, a belligerent mood is not regarded as a disqualifying attribute.

An ambul may well be not only a working dog, but also a wonderful friend and companion for those who have a strong and strong-willed character, lead an active lifestyle. It is very important for the owner of such a dog from an early age to pay sufficient attention to training aimed at obedience, and also to teach the puppy to build non-conflict and maximally equal relations with all his fellow tribesmen.

The undoubted advantages of the character of American bulldogs include loyalty and dedication, as well as high intelligence, therefore such a dog is able to protect its owner from any threats, even at the cost of its own life.

Life span

The average life expectancy of an American bulldog, subject to the rules of keeping and caring for such a pet, as a rule, varies from ten to twelve years.

American Bulldog Content

For home keeping the ambulance, you need to purchase some of the most necessary items, which include: bedding, dishes and food, a leash and a collar, a muzzle, a first-aid kit and hygiene products, as well as toys.

Care and hygiene

When keeping an American bulldog in an apartment, molting can occur almost year-round, therefore hygiene is given a very important role. The short coat of such dogs does not get confused and does not fall off, but needs regular combing with a rubberized mitten to remove lost hair. The claws of the four-legged pet are trimmed as they grow with special claws, and bathing representatives of the breed is enough once every three to four months.

A weekly full inspection of the pet is carried out: the abdomen is examined for any seals, the skin and coat are examined, and the ears are checked and cleaned of dirt. It is recommended that you clean your dog’s teeth once a week with special toothpastes. Eyes are wiped with a damp cloth. The muzzle of the amulets should be wiped several times a day, due to increased salivation. Particular attention is paid to the folds of the skin on the face.

Diet, diet

Bulldogs are characterized by a weak gastrointestinal tract and a tendency to various allergic reactions, therefore, the feeding regimen must be strictly observed, and the choice of diet should be treated very carefully. A small ambul must be fed five to six times a day in small portions. A six-month-old four-legged pet eats four times a day, and adult dogs should be fed twice a day.

Recommended dry rations:

  • Almo Nature;
  • Hills;
  • Arden Grange;
  • Royal Canin.

Subject to the natural variant of feeding the bulldog, pre-frozen raw veal or beef, sea fish, cereals from cereals, as well as vegetable crops and herbs, fermented milk products are used. Pasta and bread, raw milk, fatty and spicy dishes are completely excluded from the diet. In any case, the food of the American bulldog should be regular and balanced.

Diseases and birth defects

Representatives of the American Bulldog breed are characterized by a tendency to develop a number of diseases:

  • violation of the growth of the femur;
  • tumors of the perianal region;
  • different forms of deafness;
  • inversion of the eyelids;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pulmonary aortic stenosis;
  • allergic reactions;
  • joint dysplasia.

Excessive cowardice and aggressiveness, a narrow head and muzzle, the presence of any asymmetry of the visual organs and strabismus, overly protruding eyes, stoop, a sunken or hunchback, a narrow pelvis and a flat chest can be considered unacceptable pedigree defects and disqualifying signs in the exterior and behavior of the ambulo. also weak muscles.

Parenting and training

There are several really important rules in the training and education of American Bulldogs, which include the absence of any concessions. Deviation from established rules often leads to the fact that the dog ceases to take prohibitions seriously and begins to boldly ignore them. Congenital stubbornness of the amulets is incredibly difficult to fix, but the constant manifestation of hardness can completely curb the uncontrollability of such dogs.

American bulldogs are distinguished by understanding and intelligence, are able to quickly absorb information, but are not always in a hurry to execute commands, which is due to some phlegmatic nature and stubbornness. However, it is not recommended to repeat the same commands repeatedly in situations that are inappropriate for this. As a useful and tasty reward for the correct execution of the command or obedience, special delicacies can be used, as well as slices of low-fat and unsalted cheese. Among other things, in the process of training, the age-related characteristics of the ambulo must be taken into account.

In addition to the general course of education and obedience, as well as the general course of training, the owner of an American bulldog can attend the course "Protective or urban guided dog" with his pet. Overly cowardly representatives of this breed do not allow the judge to examine themselves, they are afraid of approaching from behind, and they are also very frightened of unexpected or any unusual sounds. Dogs suffering from unmotivated aggression are able to attack their handler or judge.

Buy american bulldog

On the territory of Russia, lovers of the American Bulldog have a large number of opportunities to purchase purebred puppies of this breed. Puppies are mainly for sale through forums, newspaper or online ads. From a geographical point of view, the range of regions in which nurseries that breed American bulldogs are located is very wide. Well-established foreign bulldog kennels are also open and offer Russians puppies of this breed.

In any case, the reliability of the seller should be carefully checked. It is strongly recommended that you carefully familiarize yourself with the genealogy of manufacturers beforehand, as well as without fail to verify the authenticity of the seals on all documents by making a call to the organization involved in issuing them. The information regarding the features of the exterior and the absence of hereditary diseases is subject to refinement. Not an extra precaution will be the help in choosing specialists.

The metric or “puppy card” is subsequently exchanged for a standard “adult” pedigree, and vaccinated ambulances also have a veterinary passport filled out in accordance with all the rules.

What to look for

The hallmark of a healthy purebred American Bulldog puppy is a muscular body, a proud pose and attentive, clear eyes. Such a pet has good appetite and mobility, should not be aggressive or too cowardly. It is also necessary to make a thorough visual examination of the nose, eyes and ears, teeth, skin and hair, which will allow pathology to be detected at an early stage.

The price of a thoroughbred puppy

In accordance with the standards of the current "dog" market, representatives of the American Bulldog breed are classified as inexpensive dogs. The cost of a two-month-old puppy of an ambul without a pedigree rarely exceeds five thousand rubles. Kennels specializing in this breed sell puppies at a higher price. Puppies are three to four times cheaper than representatives of the show class. The cost of the most promising puppies starts from 20-25 thousand rubles, regardless of gender.

Owner reviews

In American Bulldogs, the unsurpassed versatility of such a dog has always been highly regarded. This breed has never been bred or used for any single, specific purpose. Despite the general massiveness and well-developed muscles, the ambul is a very dexterous, flexible and agile dog, requiring sufficient loads and frequent training. For families with small children, the elderly, as well as novice dog breeders, this breed is not suitable.

You should not rely on the fact that the maintenance of the American bulldog will be too easy and simple. Education, as well as training of representatives of this breed is a painstaking and hard work for a long time. In order to teach a four-legged pet of the ambul breed to unquestioningly carry out commands, as well as obey his master, you need to have a certain amount of knowledge or seek professional help from dog handlers.

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