Newfoundland. Price, features and care

Description and features of Newfoundland

Newfoundland breed quite formidable at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that this is the cutest dog. They are very calm and flexible, great friends and at the same time this breed is quite self-sufficient.

Newfoundlen dog

Newfoundland is a breed of dog that has a calm character. A dog is not inherent in aggression and mood swings. Quite often, such a pet can be called a home bummer. Lying on a rug and stretching lazily is one of his favorite activities. Still, calm can be deceiving if the owners Newfoundland in danger.

The dog can be safely left with children. They will quickly find a common language. By the way, the dog will calmly ride your baby on itself and in no case will it allow itself to grin near the child. About Newfoundland, we can say that he looks formidable, but very kind inside.

As for the external characteristics, it should be noted that the Newfoundland dog weighs a lot. 70 kilograms should not scare the owners. This is normal for such a dog. By the way, despite the howling deceptive bulkyness, the dog is very nimble and nimble.

Newfoundlen puppy

There you can clearly see that her height is usually about 70 centimeters. The dog’s muzzle is elongated. She has kind eyes that are set wide. The coat of this breed is quite long. As for the structure of bodies, the forelimbs are very developed. The individuals have a very powerful skeleton, not weak and muscular. However, the paws of Newfoundland are not long.

Newfoundland Price

Newfoundland Puppies, like cubs of other known breeds, may differ in their value. Before choosing one, it’s worth looking at a photo of a Newfoundland dog. This must be done, if only because. That in this way it will be easier to determine the color of the future pet.

There can be many options - from light sand to chocolate or black. Therefore, be careful when choosing. Be sure to ask for documents proving the puppy's thoroughbredness.

Also, during the purchase, check which vaccinations have already been given. The best option if the baby already has a passport. Newfoundland kennel is also a great place to choose a pet. Concerning Newfoundland prices, then you have to spend good money here.

Of course, you can find a puppy even for a penny, but there will be no guarantee that the individual will be purebred. And this may further affect the nature of the dog. On average, you can buy a puppy of Newfoundland from 17,000 to 100,000 rubles. However, believe me, such a friend is worth the money.

Newfoundland at home

The dog is ideal for living at home. The first thing worth noting is the good nature of the dog. Even if there are children in the house, do not be afraid. The child will quickly find a common language with the dog.

In an apartment with a dog it will be more difficult. This is not due to living in the city. Problems may arise if you have a small apartment. The dog will occupy a lot of space in it. How acceptable this is for you to decide. As for nutrition, it is better to stop the choice on feeds that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Of course, the best option is to cook food daily. However, if this is not possible, it is easier to consult a veterinarian and choose the best diet for your pet. By the way, this breed helped the inhabitants of the island of Newfoundland with the extraction of fishing nets from the water.

The name of the island was assigned to the dog. What is worth watching is weight. The dog is very fond of eating, but does not try to dump what he eats without unnecessary need. The best option is playing on the lawn with brothers. A great option is walking with children in the park.

White Newfoundlen

The dog is happy to run with the baby. However, in physical activities on land, it is not particularly strong. If there is even the slightest opportunity to take the dog to a pond - do just that.

The best outdoor activities for Newfoundland simply can not be found. This is also an imprint of the islands of Newfoundland. Newfoundland dog breed photo can be found on the Internet next to the photos from the islands.

Newfoundland Care

It is noteworthy that such a large dog is not particularly demanding in care. The dog certainly will not do without combing. Very often it’s not worth bathing, combing it is better from three to five times a week in no case do not allow tangling of the dog’s coat. This will cause him many inconveniences, and possibly pain.

Newfoundlen dog diver

Not very good feature of the dog is strong molting. Therefore, you should be patient and respond kindly to the dog’s friendly behavior. The dog’s coat repels moisture and dirt very well.

Therefore, they can remain clean for a long time. The nose, ears and eyes should be wiped with a damp cloth. It is necessary to carefully monitor the discharge, they can talk about the disease of the dog.

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