Entlebucher dog. Entlebucher breed description, features, care and price

Among all herding breeds, large, heavy, strong and externally beautiful dogs are very distinguished, leading their history from the times when the Romans ruled in Europe.

Of course it is - entlebucher mountain dog, the oldest European dog whose history begins centuries ago in the Entlebuch Valley, near the city of Bern, in what is now Switzerland.

Characteristics of the breed and the nature of entlebucher

Even in the photo entlebucher Looks funny, calm and friendly. The way it is. Like many other shepherd breeds, this dog was not subject to human participation in the formation of its appearance, respectively, animals formed independently over the centuries, which guarantees their high stress resistance and mental stability.

Such qualities make the dog breed entlebucher An ideal friend for children, especially for the smallest. Whatever the baby does, this animal will never snap and will not harm the little person.

Moreover, the dog will graze the baby, not allowing him to crawl out of the territory of the playpen, that is, this animal is an excellent nanny, next to which you can safely leave the little child and go about his business.

Feature dogs entlebucher you can consider innate qualities - the protection of one’s own territory, the tendency to pasture one’s own family, for example, to ensure that people do not wander far apart during protective walks, protective instincts - all this manifests itself independently, as the animal grows older.

Entlebucher Puppies absolutely do not need training, education and inoculation of any qualities. These animals are the "finished option." Of course, they will gladly learn to carry out any commands or bring a wand, but they don’t need to teach the animal how to guard at home or take care of a child, it’s in the genes.

Also, Bernese is distinguished by the absolute absence of any excitement. These animals have no hunting desires, they do not chase cats, and are absolutely not inclined to run away from their owners somewhere during a walk, even as a teenager.

Entlebucher breed description (standard requirements)

In total, at the moment, according to the latest revision of Bernese standards in November 2001, there are four species of these animals.

Entlebucher - The most compact of all representatives of the Bernese shepherd. As indicated in the standard prescribing the basic requirements for the appearance of animals, their growth:

  • from 44 to 52 cm for boys;
  • from 42 to 50 cm - for girls.

The following points are disqualifying animal vices:

  • unexpressed gender, that is, underdevelopment of the genitals in males;
  • significant deviation from growth requirements, over five centimeters;
  • thin bones, giving the appearance of the animal a certain grace;
  • underdeveloped, not expressed muscle relief;
  • a bite or overshot mouth and missing teeth;
  • light, deep-set, or bulging eyes;
  • acute and elongated muzzle;
  • dorsal sagging, or too short and convex back;
  • curvature of the legs and joints, both the "X" and the "wheel";
  • throwing the tail onto the back, tail curled into a “hook”.

Regarding color swiss entlebucher, everything seems to be simple - a tricolor is required by standard, but when choosing a puppy, you need to know that the following points are completely not allowed:

  • an intermittent white mark on the head of the animal;
  • high, like boots, white spots on the paws;
  • disproportionality of white marks, for example, their presence is not on all paws;
  • an intermittent, as if divided, white spot on the chest;
  • a complete "collar", like a collie, is completely inadmissible; for these animals it is a sign of degeneration;
  • not the black primary color of the color and the absence of three shades in the color itself.

For animals of this breed, proportionality is also extremely important. The requirements of the standards at this moment are very strict and do not tolerate any absolutely deviations:

- the proportional ratio of growth to the length of the animal is 8:10;
- a proportional ratio of the size of the muzzle to the size of the head - 9:10.

As for the rest, the general requirements for the appearance of the Bernese shepherd, they are as follows:

  • General form.

A compact, proportional, slightly elongated animal that gives the impression of intelligence, strength and friendliness.

  • Head.

It is fully proportional to the whole body, large, wedge-shaped, resembling a bear's head.

  • Nose.

The lobe is only black, the nostrils are pronounced. In general, the nose is solid, fleshy and slightly overhanging the upper lip.

  • Muzzle.

Powerful, very clearly modeled by nature, with beautiful strong contours and an absolutely straight nasal back. Without pointedness, narrowing and any external hint of grace or, conversely, clumsy.

  • Lips.

There should not be any hint of slack or bruy. Only black skin color is acceptable. In general, when closed, the animal’s mouth gives the impression of density and solidity.

  • Jaw.

Scissor bite, permissible, but not mite-like variant of bite.

  • Eyes.

Small, dark and very lively, with an expression of some guile. The eyelids are only black in color, dense, completely adjacent.

  • The ears.

Medium, high-seated, triangular and hanging, coordinated forward. Cartilage is very strong.

  • Tail.

Naturally continuing the line of the back, thick and well developed.

  • Wool.

Short, dense and hard integumentary hair. The undercoat is thick, well developed and ubiquitous.

  • Coloring.

Three colors, with primary black. Marks of red and white tones must be proportional. In general, all the shortcomings provided for by the standard, as well as its requirements, are visible immediately, already in monthly babies, therefore buy entlebucher, from which a dog that does not meet the requirements of the exhibition rings will grow, is practically unrealistic.

Care and maintenance

Everything Entlebucher Nurseries overwhelmed with information about the maintenance, feeding and necessary care for animal health. A good breeder will never give up a puppy without an accompanying information brochure.

In general, these dogs do not require special care. The breed has iron health, very easily tolerates cold. But these animals do not perceive heat well. The ideal weather for Bernese shepherds is up to 20 degrees Celsius in the summer. As for winter time, any absolutely freezing temperatures for this dog are not terrible.

The place for the animal in the apartment should not be in a draft, however, you need to be prepared that the dog will spend most of the time on the couch with the owners or in the nursery, and not on his rug.

Dog hair needs constant combing due to copious undercoat. As for washing, you need to bathe the Bernese shepherd with shampoos only if necessary or before the exhibition.

Dogs love to swim, so they become ideal companions for a boat trip or a family camping trip with a parking near the pond.

As for nutrition, animals are very fond of eating and at the same time completely omnivorous. They tend to gain weight quickly, and people need to monitor the sufficiency of the quantity of food and its quality. The dog itself is ready to eat constantly and absolutely everything.

Of course, it is highly advisable to attend preventive veterinary examinations once every six months, and for examinations in the rings, such examinations are simply necessary.

Price and reviews

Entlebucher price today in Russia ranges from 20 thousand rubles to 60 thousand rubles. The cost of babies depends on their origin, titular parents, the prestige of the nursery and, in general, on the greed of the breeders.

As they say in numerous entlebucher reviews, the price of puppies is the most difficult question. Puppies for whom they ask for 50 or more thousand rubles, very often wait for their owners for 4-8 months, by then the price is already paying off. And at the same time, kids over 30 thousand find their owners faster, and from the point of view of standards, puppies are no different.

Therefore, wishing to have a Bernese handsome man, you should not be afraid of announcements that describe the benefits of already vaccinated and grown puppies with a total of more than 1000 euros "apiece", you just need to carefully study all the offers of nurseries, which in Russia are very many, only in Moscow Bernese regions are grown in six different places.

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