Maltipu dog. Description, features, price and care of the Maltipu breed

The non-recognition by the cynological associations of the breed of the decorative dog increased interest in the pretty creature that won the hearts of many people. Maltipu not all lovers of tetrapods get it.

The mega-popularity of pets made them an elite and expensive acquisition that fell into the homes of Hollywood stars or very wealthy people. The uniqueness of the dogs is in a rare combination of bright appearance, friendliness, intelligence.

Description and features of the breed

Breeding breed appeared relatively recently, about 40 years ago in the United States, rapidly began to conquer the whole world. In Russia, they appeared at the beginning of this century. There are two main versions of creating maltipu:

  • an attempt to breed a hypoallergenic dog based on crossing breeds that are safe for allergy sufferers;
  • search for the perfect dog by mixing purebred breeds of the Maltese lapdog (maltese) with that poodle, the smallest of relatives.

The history of the breed is reflected in the name itself: malti and pu from the words that form the names of the ancestors.

Despite the popularity, maltipu remains a breed that is not accepted by the standards.

The uniqueness of the puppy is that he absorbed the best qualities of his ancestors: playfulness, quick wit, friendliness, affection for the owner. Hypoallergenicity has also become an indisputable advantage of bred dogs. Despite the success of the breeders, cynological associations do not recognize this breed.

Maltipu in the photo resembles a plush toy with cherry eyes and a button nose. Ears low set, hanging. The puppy's weight is 1.5-3.5 kg, height does not exceed 35 cm. Dogs are harmoniously folded.

The body is elongated. The appearance of a funny pet is always attractive. An interested, playful look that expresses a willingness to communicate and share fun.

The woolen outfit of dogs is of different types:

  • silky, with straight hair, without tangles. Density varies from rare to very dense. The cover allows you to perform haircuts, does not require complicated care. The type of coat is inherited from the lap-dog;
  • curly, with elastic thick hair, like a poodle. Shedding is sparse. Wool requires constant care, as it is prone to rolling;
  • wavy, with coarse hair. It is rare, is an undesirable variety.

The color of the dogs can be of different colors or make up a combination of two or more shades. The most popular are white puppies maltipu. No less attractive are brown, gray, black. Light colors are in demand: coffee, cream, apricot, cream.

Maltipu has a silky hypoallergenic coat that requires care

Each individual is distinguished by its individual character, but there are common features inherent in the representatives of the species:

  • quick wits;
  • energy;
  • curiosity;
  • affection for family members;
  • friendliness to people and other animals.

Maltipu dog - An ideal option for living in a city apartment, walking together and traveling. The animal does not tolerate loneliness, shows readiness to follow the owner everywhere. But at the same time, the pet needs protection and affection.

Communication with children brings a lot of joy, but kids can inadvertently harm four-legged friends. On walks, delicate dogs do not show fear to outsiders, become objects of theft, other illegal actions.

Maltipu is a very playful breed that needs regular walks and games.

The owners are required true custody and love for defenseless design creations. Alone, the maltipu is homesick, sick, suffering, and plunged into a depressed state.

If the owner cannot take the pet with him on business trips and trips, then the four-legged baby is doomed to a spoiled character and illness.

Responsibility for the animal must be realized at the stage of acquiring a little friend.

Pets have inherited intelligence from poodles, but like any pets, they need to be educated taking into account manifestations of a stubborn nature. Dogs do not tolerate physical strength, despotism, screaming. The most effective method is praise, patience and affection.

So you can achieve exemplary behavior even at social events - a modest companion will behave with restraint, peeking out of her purse or sitting in the arms of the hostess. In a typical setting, Maltipu's sociability, natural curiosity, and playfulness are revealed.

Maltip are attached to their master and are very homesick without him

Home care and maintenance

Pets quickly master in a new space, get used to the home rhythm of events, all family members. Maltipa can be kept even in a small apartment, but the dog should have its own couch in a cozy corner of the room. Pets quickly learn the rules of behavior without delivering much trouble to the owners.

Consistency and perseverance in raising a little friend is important. The authority of the owner needs to be maintained, not to give the puppy a reason to doubt who is in charge of the house. Compliance with regimen moments, systematic training will quickly form the pupil's behavior in the right direction.

Requirements must be met. Simple commands, prohibitions, the puppy is able to learn from the age of 2 months.

For health, the maltipu needs daily exercise. Walking will bring great joy, outdoor games will let out the accumulated energy. If there is a need to bathe a pet, then you need to use special means for the procedure - mild shampoos, conditioners.

Water procedures are recommended to be done no more than once every 5-6 weeks. You can accustom to swimming from 2 months of age. Drying of wool is allowed with a hairdryer or in a natural way.

Hair care should be daily. This process, taking into account the small dimensions of the dog, does not take much time. You need to accustom to the procedure of combing as early as possible so that contact with the brush does not irritate the pet. The aesthetic appearance of maltipu does not allow the presence of tangles.


A haircut is done to the companion as the hair grows, in practice it is 2-3 times a year. The face is tidied more often. If a pet is a participant in exhibition events, then professionals are entrusted with the appearance.

The eyes of the pet need daily cleaning. Regular care is to remove accumulated dust and secretion. Wipe or rinse with chamomile broth, weak tea is useful to prevent nitrous.

Ear cleaning with an ordinary cotton swab is carried out only if necessary, but they should be inspected daily. Dental treatment is recommended three times a week. Cutting the claws to the optimum length is also an important procedure.

In the cold season, the nose and paw pads of the dog are protected from frost with a wax-based cream.

Preventive measures in the form of vaccination are needed to protect the animal from helminths and other parasites. In general, small efforts are compensated by sincere affection and love of a true friend.

Maltipu is a breed hypoallergenic, safe for most people. Keeping clean, vet examinations guarantee the absence of negative manifestations due to communication with a four-legged friend.


Frequent puppy nutrition - up to 6 times a day, adult maltipu feeds twice a day. Parental milk is needed for a baby up to 3 months, so that subsequently immunity is stable. Switching to another food should be gradual.

A balanced feed, rich in vitamins and minerals, in the dog’s diet provides not only a life resource, but also the excellent condition of the pet's silk coat.

Young puppy food maltipu mini It consists of 75% of boiled meat of rabbit meat, beef, turkey, fish. A quarter of the diet consists of cereals from rice and buckwheat, vegetables, fruits.

Sour-milk products should be without additives. Nutritious treat for a little fidget - honey with the addition of walnuts. A serving of 3 teaspoons is allowed once every 3-4 days.

The following are prohibited for dogs:

  • chocolate and other sweets;
  • any flour products;
  • salted, fried, smoked dishes.

Ornamental breed breeders recommend feeding adult pets production feeds that meet the needs of plush pets. Premium class ration compiled by experts on the selection of ingredients. The amount of feed is calculated in accordance with the age, health status of the animal.

Reproduction and longevity

In breeding maltipa, breeders prefer only purebred Maltese lapdogs and poodles so that the formation of the breed is not disturbed by low quality puppies. The offspring of the first generation is valued higher than subsequent ones.

Only mestizos from the source breeds can meet the requirements of the preliminary standard.

Puppies from maltipu parents will receive their own traits, may resemble the appearance of one of the ancestors. Clean breed is important for connoisseurs and specialists. For other people, each puppy acquired for communication and joy is dear and loved.

Maltipu has a life expectancy of 13-15 years.

Possible diseases

The hybrid breed, to which the maltipa is classified, is less burdened with health problems than purebred dogs. Good immunity, lack of genetic diseases, initial absence of ailments. Decorative dogs still have a predisposition to some health problems:

  • dislocation of the knees;
  • eye diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • tremor syndrome;
  • cardiomyopathy

It is surprising that hypoallergenic dogs themselves often suffer from allergies. Therefore, careful diet control is important for pet health. Routine examinations, consultations of the veterinarian are recommended to be carried out regularly.


Buying a maltipu puppy will cost a lot, as luxurious dogs have become popular all over the world. The search for the baby should be taken with all seriousness, since there are few experienced breeders in the breeding nurseries.

There are big risks for the buyer to be deceived by scammers if you look for a supplier through the Internet from random people.

The cost of a dog depends on many factors:

  • pedigrees of parents;
  • type of color;
  • age;
  • external characteristics, etc.

The search for a puppy for an exhibition career will be complicated by the selection of candidates for certain data. The good reputation of the animal, the availability of documents, the corresponding exterior are expensive. Average price maltipu in a good domestic nursery will be 100,000 rubles.

Instances of a show class, puppies of champions will cost even more. In the homeland of dogs, in the United States of America, the cost of a puppy is approximately $ 1,000. The cost of delivering a dog, paperwork double the amount.

You can purchase a designer breed pet with the necessary documents from conscientious private owners for 40,000-50000 rubles.

The buyer receives not just an expensive toy, but a living creature, faithful and loving towards the people around him. The small life of a four-legged friend can become part of the fate of its owner.

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