Scotland Shepherd - Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie (Bearded Collie or Beardie) is a shepherd dog, previously used mainly by Scottish shepherds, and is now a popular companion dog.

Breed history

The story of a bearded collie is a combination of facts and legends. Kazimierz Grabski (Kazimierz Grabski), a Polish merchant brought to Scotland grain for sheep in 1514, and at the same time brought six Polish lowland sheepdogs.

Scottish cattle breeders were so impressed with these dogs' ability to work that they exchanged one puppy for several sheep. Polish lowland shepherd dogs interbreed with local dogs, resulting in bearded collies.


The bearded collie has a friendly and funny appearance. These are medium-sized dogs, males at the withers reach 53-56 cm, females 51-53 cm. The breed standard does not describe the ideal weight, but most dogs weigh from 18 to 25 kg. Life expectancy is 12-13 years.

Although most of the body is hidden under thick hair, it is a muscular and strong dog.

What catches your eye when looking at a bearded collie is wool. It is a lot of it and it is long, double and gives the dog excellent protection from the weather. The undercoat is soft, fluffy, the upper shirt is smooth, stiff and furry. The muzzle is covered with almost the same long hair as the body, on the chin there is a characteristic beard, for which the breed was named.

In some, the eyes are hidden under the coat, but in most they are clearly visible. The colors come in four colors: black, reddish, blue and gray. For all colors, white spots and marks are acceptable, and in many dogs they are located on the chest and muzzle.

Although most of the face is hidden under thick hair, an expressive and friendly face is hidden under it.


Bearded Collie is a friendly and charming dog. They are extremely attached to their family, but also friendly with strangers. Her barking is more a greeting than a warning.

Not surprisingly, they are very fond of children with whom they become best friends. Some may be too playful for young children, but most understand how to play softly with them.

They are playful, and even in old age, often a 12-year-old bearded collie is worn behind a stick as well as in childhood. By the way, they like to study and show themselves well in almost every discipline, and in agility and frisbee. If you need a dog with whom you can take part in football in the yard, then this is a good choice.

These dogs crave human communication, they need attention and suffer from loneliness. They are extremely unhappy if they stay home alone for a long time and can become destructive. If you disappear for days at work and no one is home, do not start this dog!

For other dogs, the bearded collie is not aggressive, they work in packs, and manage the herd together. With proper socialization, they get along with other dogs, moreover, they prefer such a company. Not noticed behind them and territorial, dominant or possessive behavior. However, in any case, you need to approach this issue carefully, as all dogs have a different character.

Not surprisingly, a shepherd dog finds a better language with other animals than other dog breeds. They have a poorly expressed hunting instinct, and they are more likely to bark and pinch than to chase.

But they have a strong shepherd instinct and they will build everything they can. Especially cats do not like it, make sure that your dog knows how to restrain this behavior.

Bearded collies are very easily trained, they are smart and can learn quickly. However, they are very independent and stubborn. For education, you need a calm and firm character, so that the dog understands who is the owner.

Otherwise, she can put herself in this place. A bearded collie will obey the owner’s commands, but more willingly if they are interesting and fascinating for her. They respond very well to a food stimulus.

Since this is an active and playful breed of dog, they need a large amount of physical activity daily. Walking for 15 minutes is not enough, they need long runs, preferably without a leash.

In addition, such activity stimulates their mind, they are most happy when busy with work. If there is no such activity, then they get bored, get stressed and can behave badly.

They are not very loud dogs, but they can bark when something attracts their attention, or when they want to play. And yes, even when they are bored and alone, as a way to express stress.


Caring for a bearded collie is surprisingly simple, given its shaggy nature. They do not need professional grooming, and trimming is completely contraindicated. What you need is regular combing and removal of dead hair.

If this is not done, then the coat will fall off, mats will form that bring the dog discomfort and pain. It is advisable to comb it daily, you can slightly sprinkle with water.

They molt, and some are pretty strong. If someone in your family is allergic or you don’t like the noticeable long coat on the carpets, this dog is not for you. If you decide to buy a bearded collie puppy, choose proven kennels.

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