Tyrannosaur. It's better to read about him than to meet online in life!

In order to understand and imagine the power and danger emanating from such a dinosaur as a tyrannosaurus, it is necessary to imagine its size. A tyrannosaurus could easily look into the windows of the third floor of a modern house if it lived on our planet these days.


Fortunately, the tyrannosaurus disappeared 65 million years ago. And in those days, in the Cretaceous period, he was one of the most dangerous and cruel predators. Translated from Latin, a tyrannosaurus is a giant lizard.

The ability to move fairly quickly was added to his frightening appearance and size, one step is 4 meters, and he could run at a speed of 5m / second. And if necessary, develop a speed of up to 45 km / h. Also, when running, the tyrannosaurus actively used its tail, which was for him both for the peculiar steering wheel and for additional support. The tyrannosaurus in its run resembled a very large bird.

The tyrannosaurus moved on two legs. They were very powerful with three fingers and a heel spur, which he used as a dagger. Leaning on his tail, as an additional support, he was able to rip open the victim’s belly with this sharpest finger-claw. The front legs were not particularly developed, and the tyrannosaurus practically did not use them.

Small paws are not a hindrance for this dinosaur

Scientists pay special attention to the study of tyrannosaurus teeth. They are similar in shape to saw teeth, the same sharp and often planted, up to 18 cm long. Such arrangement of teeth allowed the tyrannosaurus to easily rub even prey bones. On a massive head he had a very powerful jaw, capable of generating pressure up to 5 tons. Naturally, when such jaws captured another dinosaur, the victim no longer had the opportunity to escape.

It was once the most powerful animal on earth.

A large number of disputes arise among researchers about the choice of food tyrannosaurus. Some argue that most likely the tyrannosaurus was a scavenger. To confirm this hypothesis, scientists cite the tyrannosaurus nostrils as an example. They were quite wide and large, which allowed them to smell the smell of a dead victim at a great distance. Others give an example of the arrangement of the eyes; they were set deep enough and protected by folds of leather. He also had binocular vision, which allows a fairly accurate estimate of the distance to the alleged victim. It is this, according to scientists, that the tyrannosaurus was a predator, and the skin bags around the eyes protected his vision in a battle with the victim. Recently, modern researchers conclude that the tyrannosaurus was still a predator, who did not disdain to eat the same carrion.

Tyrannosaurus skeleton

In the process of studying the remains of a tyrannosaurus, the researchers concluded that tyrannosaurs attacked each other. Why they did this, no one can say with accuracy. It can be both a struggle for a female or territory, and as signs of cannibalism.

Compared to human

The tyrannosaurus is the most popular dinosaur, thanks to the finds of its very well-preserved remains, which allowed us to study it in detail. Scientists managed to discover about 30 tyrannosaurs. On some of them, even the remains of the skin and muscles were preserved. After studying the biological material found, scientists came to the conclusion that its genetic set is much closer to birds than reptiles, and they also found that the tyrannosaurus belongs to the genus "carnivores".

The habitat of the tyrannosaurus is considered to be the entire North American continent.


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