Supaurus, Ultrasaur


A super-saur or “super-carapace” is a huge sauropodomorphic dinosaur. The Latin name for the species is Supersaurus vivianae. According to experts, the length of the animal reached 34 meters with a weight of about 36-40 tons, the maximum head raised 15 meters above the ground.

All calculations of scientists are based on the discovered parts of the skeleton of the Super-Saur. Two scapulae of an animal 2.4 m long and almost one meter wide were found during excavations in the state of Colorado (USA).

Supersaurus (lat.Supersaurus vivianae)

It was from the found fossils of the Super-Saur that the length of the animal was calculated. According to some estimates, it reached 42 meters.

The huge weight of the dinosaur was supported by limb pillars and elephant feet with five fingers assembled together. The hind limbs of the Super Saur were longer than the front, with a large claw on each first finger of the front paws. Experts consider the claws of the Super Saur to be an instrument of defense against enemies, as well as its powerful and long tail.

Supersaurs ate plant foods.

Huge animals such as the Super Saur could only move slowly. The representative of sauropods inhabited the territory of North America in the late Jurassic period. Like most of the same giants, the Super Saur lived near ponds and ate swamp vegetation.

Supersaurs reached 34 meters in length.

The Supaurus has another name - the Ultrasaur. So the sauropod was named immediately after its discovery by the American paleontologist James Jensen. However, the species had to be renamed, as it turned out that the dinosaur, which was found two years earlier in the territory of South Korea, got the same name.

Watch the video: Supa Urus Big Blast Compitation. .30 7 18. (February 2020).

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