Rabies in dogs: what is the danger of the disease?

Rabies is a deadly disease that can develop in any warm-blooded living creature. This disease causes a virus that is transmitted through saliva during a bite.

Not only dogs can get rabies. The risk group includes any animals and even people. The time between infection and the onset of symptoms can take from several weeks to six months in dogs, and in humans up to a year. If there is an assumption that the dog is sick with rabies, it should be immediately isolated from other animals and people. In different countries, in such a situation, they act in their own way, for example, in the UK it is necessary to notify the Ministry of Agriculture about the incident, and the state veterinarian arrives in place. Unfortunately, all animals with rabies are euthanized.

Rabies is a dangerous disease for dogs.

The main symptom of the disease is aggressive behavior. Since this disease is very dangerous, it is necessary to carefully pay attention to the strange symptoms of the animal.

Signs of rabies in a dog

Check your dog with your veterinarian if you suspect a rabies infection.

The following symptoms may indicate rabies infection in the animal:

  • Irritability;
  • Weakness;
  • Aggression;
  • Seizures;
  • Loss in space;
  • Increased irritability;
  • Barking and growling;
  • Fear of the light.

Symptoms in the final stage of rabies

The final stage of rabies is the death of an animal.

At the last stage of the disease, the animal develops the following symptoms:

  • Salivation;
  • Paralysis of certain muscles;
  • Refusal of food;
  • Loss of strength;
  • Coma onset.

Important Dog Rabies Information

This disease is not very common, but since it is very serious, you need to know about it as much as possible.

If you are the owner of a dog, then you need to know in detail about the signs and consequences of this disease.


The transmission of infection occurs through the transmission of saliva during the bite of a sick animal. If there is an assumption that the animal has rabies, it should act immediately.

When bitten

Such an animal is placed in a separate room. And the person who was bitten by a dog should immediately contact a medical institution for first aid.

Rabies diagnosis

The only way to establish rabies is to study the brain tissue of an animal. To date, there is no cure for this terrible disease, but the search is actively ongoing.

Since there is no cure, the sick animal is euthanized immediately. Scientists have developed a vaccine that helps prevent infection in animals and humans.


When infected with rabies, the dog becomes dangerous to its owners.

Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent the development of this pathology. Therefore, each pet must be vaccinated against rabies. In some countries, vaccination is even carried out on wild animals, with the help of food soaked in a drug.

Entry laws

In order to prevent dangerous and fatal diseases from entering our country, veterinary services are strictly monitoring. In this regard, when importing animals into Russia, their owner provides an international passport for a pet or a veterinary certificate. These documents contain information about vaccinations and indicate that the animal is healthy. Rabies vaccination is carried out no later than 12 months and no earlier than 30 days before entering the territory of Russia.

If you decide to travel abroad with your dog, you should find out the features of the veterinary regime of the country you wish to visit. For example, in some countries there is a law banning the import of animals from abroad.

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