Loban fish, it’s black mullet

Mullet-Loban (Loban) is the largest representative of mullets. Its Latin name is Mugil cephalus. It has great commercial value.


The body of the loban has an elongated shape, while in front it is slightly flattened. This fish has large scales. The color of the back is blue-gray, and the belly has a silver color. On the sides are longitudinal stripes of brownish color. There is no sideline. The eyes are notable for the presence of wide fatty eyelids that reach the pupils.


The mouth of a mullet-loban is small in size, with a thin lower lip having a pointed edge. There is a large notch on the caudal fin, and above the pectoral fins, more precisely above their base, there is an elongated flake or lobe.

Loban fish (Mugil cephalus).

The size of a loban can reach a length of 90 cm, and its weight can exceed 6 kg.


Mullet loban is a schooling fish with great mobility. In moments of fright, he can jump out of the water and easily jump over the exposed fixed nets.

Mullet fishing is carried out using fixed nets.

Lobans come into puberty at 6–8 years, when their body length reaches 30–40 cm. Spawning at mullet lobans takes place from May to September, and lobans choose a place for it both in open water and near the coast. For one spawning mullet-mullet can lay about 7 thousand eggs and even more.

Black mullet is found in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Caviar, like larvae, is pelagic. In summer, the main food for this fish is detritus, as well as plant fouling of underwater substrates, sometimes small mollusks, crustaceans and worms.

Mullet feeds on crustaceans, detritus and other small organisms.

During feeding, the loban moves at an angle of 45 ° relative to the soil and with the help of its flat shovel-like lower jaw literally scrapes the upper mud layer from it, and then filters it out and leaves edible objects for itself. In autumn, more precisely at the end of October and in November, mullet loban enters the bays and estuaries in which brackish water.


Mullet is the most valuable commercial fish.

Mullet loban is a valuable commercial fish. In winter and during feeding, it accumulates in large flocks, often together with another type of mullet - Pilengas (Mugil sojui). This fish is caught with the help of fixed and casting net, ventera, nets and other fishing tackle.

In winter, black mullet gathers in flocks.

In addition, this fish is of interest as an object of amateur and sports fishing. There are good prospects for the commercial cultivation of this fish in the lagoons of Southern Primorye. Winters in the open sea.

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