Chromis handsome - bright aggression

The handsome chromis Hemichromis bimaculatus is a cichlid that has become known for its beauty and aggressive character. Of course, if you contain a handsome chromis with guppies and zebrafish, he is aggressive. But, if you keep it with a fish of a suitable size and character, it doesn’t bother anyone. The only exception is during spawning, but you can’t consider an angry fish that protects its eggs?

Fish rooster

Domain: Eukaryotes Kingdom: Animals Subdomain: Eumetazoi Without rank: Two-sided symmetrical Without rank: Second type: Chordate Subtype: Vertebrate Infratype: Maxillary Group: Fish Group: Bone fish Class: Beam and feather fish Subclass: Newfin fish Infraclass: Bony fish bony fish Superorder: Spiky-feathers Series: Perkomorphs Order: Anabantiformes Suborder: Caterpillars Family: Macropods Genus: Roosters Species: Fish rooster Fish rooster (cockerel) - an exotic fish popular among aquarists, characterized by bright original appearance.

Dog Ringworm

Lichen is one of the infectious diseases of a person or animal that appears on the skin due to the appearance of a fungus or virus. Today in medicine there are different types of lichen. Naturally, to find out what kind of lichen your pet is sick with, you should immediately take him to the veterinarian. A dog can become sick with pink, weeping, pityriasis, herpes zoster and ringworm.

Dairy breeds of goats. Names, descriptions, care and maintenance

The value of goat milk has been known for a long time. It contains many different vitamins and other valuable substances, it is recommended that women drink it during lactation so that the quality and quantity of mother's milk does not decrease. But the goat for milk yield gives about four times less milk than a cow, and goat milk is more valuable, so it’s more difficult to buy it.

Pachycephalosaurus (Pachycephalosaurus)

Pachycephalosaurus belongs to the poultry-dinosaur dinosaurs that inhabited our planet about 83 - 65 million years ago (Cretaceous). This species was first discovered in 1940, in the territory of modern USA. Pachycephalosaurus Modern researchers are still amazed at the appearance of this dinosaur and, in particular, the structure of its skull.


Iguanodons are large herbivorous dinosaurs from the group of bird-eating ornithopod dinosaurs. The animal reached 9 meters in length and its weight was more than 5 tons. Iguanodons lived in the first half of the Cretaceous in Western Europe, North Africa, Mongolia and North America. Iguanodon's hip is more like a bird in structure.